Symposium C.T.S.G. Alembic
Fundamentals of the Future


Society has made a lot of progress during the 20th century because of technological developments. People travel around the world, we can communicate with each other anywhere and anytime and scientists discover the edge of our universe. Those developments are progressing fast and result in new possibilities and curiosity. How will society develop with those new technologies and how will we solve the world’s problems? This will be the main question during the symposium.

Four speakers from companies and universities will inspire the participants about mayor fundamentals of the future society. The main focus will be on solutions originating from chemical engineering. The four fundamentals which are the subject of the day are: Energy, nutrition, health and society. Besides those lectures, students will participate in workshops arranged by companies and institutes. In those workshops students will work on real problems of today and tomorrow.

The Fundamentals of the Future symposium will take place the 25th of April 2017. Enrollment is possible on the website.