The University of Twente (UT) is a university and institute of technology situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Near the city of Enschede lies the only campus university of the Netherlands, where greenery is featured prominently alongside the educational and research buildings. The university provides over 50 educational programmes divided over five faculties and hosts about 10.000 students. A strong focus on personal development is present at the UT, in research as well as for students personally. The University of Twente encourages entrepreneurship, which has resulted in more than 900 successful spin-off companies. There is also a big emphasis on stimulating students to perform activities next to their studies, since over 130 associations for among others sports, culture and study are managed by students.

The motto of the UT is: ‘High Tech, Human Touch’. New technology is seen as a catalyst for change, innovation and progress in society. The motto is focusing on ‘Human Touch’, since the most important breakthroughs arise through collaboration between technology and humanity.

The programme Chemical Science and Engineering is part of the faculty of Science and Technology. The faculty has about 700 staff members and 1100 students, who are trained and perform research in chemical technology, applied physics and biomedical technology. Research is done in the fields of sustainable energy, process technology, material science, nanotechnology and technical medicine. These research topics are accommodated in the institutes MESA+ (nanotechnology) and MIRA (biomedical technology and technical medicine).