Hey future Kiddo’s!

We are the PArTi-Scuat do-group, an active dogroup who would like to give you a great Kick-in by enjoying activities every day the entire week. Below you will find our six very (attractive) enthusiastic do-group parents.

The main do-group parents of the PArTi-SCuAt are Aron (middle front) and Jip (right to Aron), the problem maker and problem solver respectively. The other parents are Frank (behind Aron), head of beer, Marit (left front), whose jokes are so dry the desert is nothing compared to it, Nick (rear left), our Nicksnut (Aka useless), and Zehra (right front), who is our kitchen princess. We are a close group of friends and we would like you all to join us!

In general, we will try to do as much as possible during the kick-in, but nothing is mandatory. For as far as this will be possible we will try to join in all activities during the day and night. You will also be joined with at least one of the parents (in case this is Aron at least one other). We want to show you around the campus and city and give you a good taste of what student life entails.

See you soon!

Aron, Jip, Frank, Marit, Nick and Zehra