Nuclei Gnomes

I’m sure you’re tired of reading what each group has to offer! But let us briefly tell you who we are and what we’re about. We are Mario, Victor, Aurora, Mo and Sofia. 5 individuals that speak all sorts of languages, from Dutch to Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and even Arabic! We love to have fun, test ourselves and have challenges. If you identify yourself as one who is about that life style then you should definitely consider joining!

We have a wide range of interests in our do group. Do you love to love to party? You’ll definitely get along with Mo and Victor. Do you like sports? Eating ice cream and making jokes? We got you covered. We promise there will be a lot of parties and we will try to attend every activity of the kick-in, but nothing is mandatory with us. This is also our own first ‘real’ kick-in, so we are all here to enjoy and have a great time.

Most of our members are not that involved with the study association, but some of us definitely are. So if you have any questions regarding Alembic, or other associations, you’ll find someone to talk to.

You don’t want to miss this unforgettable experience. Sign-up before its too late. Oh, and by the way, we’re NUCLEI GNOMES! 😉