Lost Elements

Hi future kiddos, 

Are you feeling a lil’ lost during this new chapter in your life? Then join the other LoST Elements! We are 4 Dutchies and former first-year students. Our own Kick-In last year was a bit different (due to Corona of course, had nothing to do with Japie, your grandparent), so we want you, the sjaars, to be able to enjoy this Kick-In to the fullest.  

Every do-group needs an idiot, so we have Julian (aka Julian), a Westendorp weirdo who considers himself to be stoopid. We also have Bjorn (aka Bjork, Bjirb or any other variation), the tall duud, born and raised in Enschede, who is a self proclaimed ‘knapperd’. Lastly we have the cute power couple Tiemen (aka Tiemon or Tiemska) and Rianne (aka Ri or Rietje). Rianne will take great care of you with her baking skills and Tiemen will be the first to taste them.

We want to give you a fun and memorable Kick-In, so you can start off your student life in the right way. We want you to be able to be yourself and meet other first year students during the activities. Which activities will we join? We mostly want to leave that up to you 🙂

We hope to see you there during the Kick-In!