Lieke – Chairwoman

Dear future Chemical Science and Engineering students,

You are at the beginning of a journey full of learning new things and meeting new people. We as KIKSTart 2021 are pleased to welcome you this coming August during the Kick-In and it is our great pleasure to help you on your journey. We will try our best to make sure you are well prepared for the upcoming years and that your introduction to the university and Enschede will be amazing. 

We as KIKSTart are responsible for making the do-groups, that you will be divided in. It has been proven that participating in the Kick-In in a dogroup, will result in long-lasting friendships! Apart from that, we take the lead in organizing the faculty Kick-In. During the Faculty Kick-In, you will have the opportunity to get to know the association, to meet more of your fellow students and get more information about the study itself. 

This year I, Lieke Pieters, will be the chairwoman of the KIKSTart. One could describe this function as being the emulsifier in a suspension. Organizing the faculty Kick-In requires good collaboration within the committee and that’s where I come into the picture.  I chair all meetings and make sure everyone is functioning to their best. I also meet with other parties that play an important role in your Kick-In.

I grew up in the small village Voorst on a farm in Gelderland. After living there for 11 years, I moved to Amsterdam where I finished high school. Being in Amsterdam let me realize how much I missed “het oosten” (the east of the Netherlands). So here I am! I have been living for almost two years now on the campus of our university and it was the best decision I could have ever made. I am currently in my second year of the bachelor of Chemical Science and Engineering. I work beside my study as a learning assistant and I’m also very active in several committees of our association, Alembic. I have experienced the Kick-In already two times and I’m pleased to join again. In your 9-day lasting introduction period, I will make it my personal goal to give you an amazing experience! 

If you decide to enroll for the introduction period, the KIKSTart will welcome you on the 25th of August where we can finally meet you in person!

Warm regards,

Lieke Pieters
KIKSTart 2021