Kevin – Logistics

Hello new Kiddo’s, 

I hope that you guys are ready for the next stage of your life. Hopefully you are excited to study here in Enschede and even more excited to join the Kick-In. When I did the Kick-In 2 years I enjoyed it a whole lot, even so much that I wanted to help organise it. In these nine-days you will meet a lot of new people and make some new friends. It will be one of the most fun experiences of your life.


So now let me tell you a little story about me, my name is Kevin and I am 19 years old, Turning twenty at the end of the Kick-In. Before I started studying in Enschede, I used to live in Rotterdam. The best city of the Netherlands. Now I live on the campus from the University of Twente where I live with fourteen other roommates. I am really into sports and I have done a lot of them; Football, Judo, Track and Field, Badminton and I tried many more. Currently I like to go to the gym where I like to lift heavy things. I like to watch some football too, so for the football supporters under you, I am of course a Feyenoord fan (Ajax supporters watch out)! I am always up for a party. I also enjoy listening to music and I am discovering my music taste. Which is harsh music (Metal, Hardstyle and Rock), but I might like some rap or pop songs too. I have done a few committees within Alembic, in my first year I joined the Fyco which was a lot of fun, currently I am active in the TAco and the KIKSTart.

My role in the KIKSTart is ‘Verkeersleider’ which is actually the function of Logistics. I will be busy with planning for the Kick-In. Therefore I need to book the right rooms, Tell the right people when and where they should be, and I will do this to make your Kick-In AWESOME!!!

Kind regards,

Kevin Smeele
KIKSTart 2021