Japie – External Affairs

Dear future CSE student,

You are standing at the brim of your student life. You are going to become a real CSE student. As the very first thing you are going to do as a student is standing right before you, I would guess that you are overwhelmed by a wave of emotions. You are excited to meet new people, but also nervous because you do not know what is to come. Luckily you are all in this together and together you are going to experience your first week as a CSE student, together you are going to experience the Kick-In!

My name is Japie, and I am the external affairs of the KIKSTart. I am 20 years old and I come from the south of the country. This year my committee members and I are responsible for organising a marvellous Kick-In for you. In particular we are responsible for the three days in Kick-In where you will get acquainted with CSE. As for external affairs, it is my job to get sponsors, so we can organise fun activities! You might see these sponsors on your shirt or in the programme booklet. Outside of the KIKSTart I have many hobbies. First of all, I enjoy drinking beer with my friends and when I am not drinking with my friends I play online games with them like rocket league or CS:GO. I hope you have gotten an idea of who I am and now it is my turn to get to know you so I hope to see you during the Kick-In!

Kind regards,

Japie (Daan) Lankveld
External Affairs
KIKSTart 2021