Do-Group Dilemma’s

Comparison of the do-groups

As preparation of the do-groups we asked them to answer 6 questions with 3 options each. Here you can fill in the questions yourself and then compare your answers to the do-groups’ answers to help you pick one!

Question 1, Dutch traditions vs. international salad
▭We focus on dutch culture and its student life!
▭We do not care what your nationality is.
▭We focus on internationals and a warm welcome for everyone!

Question 2, Active at Alembic vs. Active for ourselves
▭We are active at Alembic and we want you to be as well!
▭Alembic is alright, I guess.
▭We want to show you mostly the study, the campus and ourselves.

Question 3, Freedom of choice vs. Activities till we die!
▭If we feel like going somewhere, we will go.
▭If it sounds fun and the study will be there as well, we will go.
▭Yes, activities! We want to have fun and we will go!

Question 4, Drunk kick-in vs. Sober kick-in
▭We like to play drinking games with you!
▭We drink if it is ‘gezellig’ (cozy).
▭We do not really care about drinking, do whatever you want.

Question 5, Do-group focussed vs. New people focussed
▭We are a close group of friends and we want you to be part of it.
▭We like spending time with each other and it is nice to meet new people in the process.
▭We like to meet all different kinds of new people! The more, the merrier!

Question 6, Sports and culture vs. Our experience
▭We want to experience many different clubs and associations with you!
▭Are you interested in this specific culture or sport? Sure we will take a look!
▭We want to show our experiences and tell stories from our 1st year!