Charlotte – Quizmaster

Hey everybody! 

My name is Charlotte and this Kick-in I am your quizmaster! I am really excited to play games with you guys and perhaps put your skills to the test. As the quizmaster I will try my best to host challenges and make the kick-in possibly a little bit more competitive. I myself like to be competitive. It might not be one of my best traits, however it is a good way to meet new people faster! By working together as a team! I hope us as the KIKSTart can be the inspiration of teamwork and the Dutch ‘gezelligheid’!

Now to introduce myself a little bit more. I am a 2nd year student. I have a room in Enschede, which I really enjoy living in. At my place I like to chill with friends and play fun games with them. I really enjoy playing all sorts of games, so I’m looking forward to hopefully letting you guys enjoy some fun games during the kick-in as well. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, reading, playing tennis, cooking and baking. I’m also active in multiple committees within Alembic, which I really enjoy. This year I was part of the GameCie, which organises all sorts of fun gaming activities, the DiCie, which organises all sorts of food related activities and now the KIKSTart, which organises part of the kick-in for you guys.

I personally really enjoyed the kick-in, both participating as a kiddo and helping as a do-group parent last year. So hopefully you guys will be able to have as much fun during the kick-in as I did. After all these are a couple of really fun days, in which you get to know a lot of new people and get to participate in a lot of fun activities.

Hopefully I can soon get to know you at the kick-in, have a lot of fun!

Kind Regards,

Charlotte van Reijen
KIKSTart 2021